Our Company - County Truss

Coming in Early 2020


We'll be making engineered wood roof and floor trusses and selling them to Consumers, Contractors, Farmers, Lumber Yards. Pretty much anyone that needs trusses in Maine and New Brunswick, Canada 

County Truss


Now all we have to do is wait for the rest of the lumber and metal roofing and siding to arrive.

Looks like the building will have the usual Amish black color roof. The guys at Miller Metals say that up here black metal for roofs is the only way to go because the snow melts off black faster. We like grey for siding and white for the trim. 

Engineered Trusses


Meanwhile we're prepping our forklifts for action! Wait till you see the forklift that goes sideways! It's made by CombiLift and will allow us to keep our lumber indoors after we open a full unit.