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Exemplary Craftsmanship, Quality & Strength

At County Truss, we expertly engineer diversified trusses, tailor-made for residential to commercial and agricultural buildings. Economical, resilient and versatile, our trusses bring your blueprints to life.


Expert Consultation

Get personalized advice on the precise number and design of trusses your building needs.


Wide Applications

Our trusses support various types of buildings, including homes, offices, and farm structures.


Hands-on Experience

Experience personalized service and expert guidance with our direct-to-public truss sales.


Crafted With Care

Each truss is carefully constructed, ensuring durability and contributing to better building insulation.

Your Vision

Bringing Architectural
Innovation to Life

At County Truss, we expertly bridge the gap between your vision and its physical manifestation. Our superior craftsmanship translates your blueprints into reality, molding quality trusses that set the foundation for your dream constructions. Our passion lies in forging robust structures that stand the test of time, propelling us to utilize technology and raw talent to innovate and deliver. Trust our expertise to redefine your living and working spaces, shaping them into exemplary models of architectural perfection. Let’s turn your plans into reality together.


County Truss is dedicated to providing customers with top-quality trusses for a wide range of applications. From residential to commercial and agricultural constructions, we’ve got you covered.


Concept Development

We transform your initial ideas into feasible truss designs.


Blueprint Generation

Our team meticulously crafts detailed blueprints to guide manufacturing.


Construction Execution

Our experts bring the planned designs into tangible, structural reality.

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