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Recent Work Showcase

Discover the craftsmanship and quality of County Truss through our recent work showcase. Each project in our showcase demonstrates the precision and attention to detail that sets County Truss apart. Whether it’s a residential home requiring a reliable roof truss system or a commercial structure in need of custom floor trusses, our solutions are tailored to your specifications.

Explore our recent projects below to see how County Truss can elevate your construction plans with top-quality wood trusses that are built to last.

High-quality roof wood trusses designed for durability and strength.
Custom roof truss design for a residential project.
Quality roof truss system installed in a commercial building.
Innovative roof truss design enhancing a new construction project.
Building under construction featuring roof trusses.
High-quality roof trusses being installed on a building under construction.
A showcase of our latest truss work in a newly constructed building.
A detailed blueprint of roof trusses before and after construction.
High-quality wood trusses designed for structural support in a new construction.
After image of a new construction project showcasing the completed roof trusses.
Roof plan blueprint for precise truss installation.
Comparison of blueprint for new construction roof trusses before and after.
Fully constructed roof truss system for residential building.